Discover The Finger Lakes – April 11, 2020

Discover The Finger Lakes Podcast

This week on Discover The Finger Lakes we got to celebrate the start of spring! With warmer weather on the horizon, we’ll begin to see more wildlife in the Finger Lakes. Earlier this week while walking the Lehigh Valley Trail I spotted a few frogs hopping into the water as I approached.

This hour a couple guests from some local Finger Lakes area businesses joined me on air to talk about how their faring during the COVID-19 crisis.

Azalea in Highland Park

Episode Guide

[4:40] Joe Gallea of Gallea’s Tropical Greenhouse & Florist joins us live on air

[10:40] How Gallea’s is working through the shutdown to provide service to customers

[18:30] Mention of Glenora Wine Cellars and Hunt Country Vineyards and their options available for shipping wines during the shutdown

[23:00] Visiting local parks

[24:55] Importance of wearing a mask to prevent transmission of COVID-19

[30:47] Visiting Highland Park and finding what’s in bloom

[38:10] Scott Page, owner/founder of Full Moon Vista Bike & Sport joins live on air

[52:00] Some local Finger Lakes wines gain a 90+ score in Wine Spectator

[54:17] How to take advantage of takeout to support restaurants while also being safe

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Discover The Finger Lakes
Discover The Finger Lakes
Discover The Finger Lakes - April 11, 2020
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