For The Love Of Food – April 18, 2020

For The Love Of Food Podcast in Rochester, New York

Episode Guide

[0:10] Dandelion facts, other edible weeds in your backyard, beware mushrooms

[6:33] Ramps are now emerging, and might be found at the Public Market or from Kurt Forman of Clearview Farm at Newbury Park Pastries on Sunday afternoons, 1-4pm.

[09:12] Spinach, kale, peas and other cool weather crops are starting to grow in my garden

[09:58] Restaurant takeout options, DMC Superfly will be closed for a few days as they revamp their takeout system. Sean Patrick McKay from has been working with businesses to add or improve online stores/ordering.

[16:30] Interview Kathy Turiano of Joe Bean Coffee Roasters

[51:28] recent posts about distilleries making hand sanitizers, making cookies, and which foods certain food writers/bloggers cannot stand.

For The Love Of Food
For The Love Of Food
For The Love Of Food - April 18, 2020
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