The Grapevine – April 19, 2020, Hour 1

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[0:33] Glenora Gazette newsletter highlights the fact that the cool weather is great for vineyards, so the buds don’t break too early and get hit by a late freeze. Also huge differences between this year (27 visitors for this past week) and last year (1700 visitors).
Cancellation of the Wine & Herb Cayuga Wine Trail weekends leaves 42,000 plants without a home.

[14:53] Article at about Ruth Chris Steakhouses (which is a publicly traded company) getting $20 million dollars from the small business stimulus fund that is now empty.

[20:52] Some vendors of the Brighton Farmers Market get together each Sunday from 1-4pm at Newbury Park Pastries at 205 Mushroom Blvd in the Genesee Regional Market in Henrietta.

[29:16] A discussion of Cornell University’s Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics & Management recently published the 2019 version of their report “The Cost of Establishment and Production of Vitis Vinifera Grapes in the Finger Lakes Region of New York.” The land might only be $12,000 per acre, but that is only the beginning of the investment.

[44:00] has a link to the interview with Chris Carlsson about local distilleries producing hand sanitizer.

[57:43] South African government has banned the exports of wine & spirits during the lockdown, and only a last minute concession from the government allowed harvesting to take place.

The Grapevine
The Grapevine
The Grapevine - April 19, 2020, Hour 1
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