Naturally Green – May 23, 2020

Naturally Green Gardening Podcast in the Finger Lakes

Episode Guide

[3:11] Destination nurseries around the region
[6:21] Planting later in the day will give plants time to recover before facing a full day of sun
[8:36] Make sure to disturb the roots of your transplants so they develop robust root systems
[21:18] Better to replace a Buckthorn tree sooner than later, perhaps with a native tree like Serviceberry or Redbud
[34:18] Up to 1.5 million Cicada’s per acre are about to emerge in VA, WVA, & NC
[42:41] Murder Hornets in the Pacific Northwest
[54:36] Bergen Water Gardens gets a shipment of carnivorous plants from Sri Lanka, and is waiting to ship 400 lotus to Singapore

Naturally Green
Naturally Green
Naturally Green - May 23, 2020
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